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Asset Allocation: Putting the Pieces Together

There's more to investing than simply choosing which types of investments to participate in. You must also decide how much of your money you want to dedicate to each particular investment.
Asset allocation is the process of splitting your portfolio among different asset classes in a way that matches
your goals, time horizon and ability to weather the inevitable ups and downs that come with investing. This includes buying investments among different capitalizations, countries or sectors and helps achieve a more well-balanced diversification.
For example, parents investing money that will be used for college tuition in just two years would allocate far less of their college assets to investments that are subject to increased volatility. On the other hand, the portfolio of a 35-year-old who's saving for retirement might give a heavier weighting to investments like stocks, which offer the potential for greater long-term returns at the cost of higher short-term volatility.
Staying on Track

Once you've established a plan and allocated your investments to match your personal goals and circumstances, you may find a great sense of accomplishment — but the work of investing is truly never "done." Periodically, you should revisit your investment strategy to take into account changes in your life, new investment opportunities and your ever-changing time horizon.
Even without your intervention, you'll find that your portfolio will change on its own. Constantly changing market conditions, and gains or losses in any asset
class will change your original asset allocation, and could lead to an over-concentration or under-concentration in any particular asset class. To counter these deviations, it's important to monitor your investments and periodically rebalance them to maintain your intended asset allocation.

There's more to investing than simply choosing which types of investments to participate in.

The Value of a Professional

Between setting goals, balancing priorities, choosing investments, monitoring performance, rebalancing your portfolio and adjusting your plan over time, investing is far from simple — particularly for those whose expertise lies in other fields.

Partnering with a professional advisor may be the most beneficial first step you can take, which is why so many individuals and families turn to us. In addition to financial experience, we have access to leading money managers and a variety of investment tools that help us design a portfolio to help meet your goals.

Comprehensive Investment Capabilities

To help ensure your needs are fully met, we will guide you through a comprehensive and collaborative process:

Needs Assessment

Before making a single recommendation, we'll invest time in getting to understand your personal circumstances in detail, giving us both a clear vision of where you stand today. We'll establish goals, set priorities, explore your feelings about risk and perhaps even identify needs you didn't realize you had.

Asset Allocation

Having established a common understanding of goals, priorities and risk considerations, we'll offer a tailored recommendation for a mix of investments that matches your needs and reflects current market opportunities.

Investment Selection

Taking advantage of our firm's access to a broad spectrum of investment choices – from mutual funds to stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and alternative investments that provide additional diversification opportunities – we'll identify the specific investments to create a well-diversified portfolio. Our position in the industry also means you'll have access to institutional money managers that might otherwise not be available.

Monitoring and Reporting

Together, we'll share access to online, real-time reports that provide a clear and comprehensive view of your investments, covering asset allocation, performance history, tax implications and more.


We'll periodically adjust your portfolio to make sure it still reflects the plan we've agreed on — and do it in a way that's sensitive to tax consequences.

Strategy Review

As your life changes, and as old goals are accomplished and new ones arise, we'll be with you every step of the way, recommending appropriate adjustments and helping you identify new opportunities.

²Rebalancing can have tax consequences. Please consult your tax advisor.

Using asset allocation as part of your investment strategy neither assures nor guarantees better performance and cannot protect against loss of principal due to changing market conditions.

Wealth Management:
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Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive and customized approach to investment strategy. We'll have an open discussion of your needs and our capabilities, and help you make informed decisions.

Value of Diversification


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